Friends old and new

This weekend has felt almost like a return to normal now we know that Genghis hasn’t spread. We have been a lot lot lot less tense – obviously. And not all our conversations are about Genghis.

Another nice thing is that friends around the world have been in touch. Some have been sad, some angry (on my behalf) and all have been supportive. There have been some generous and very generous gestures. One of my dear friends sent me an iPod pre loaded with amusing talking books for  when I feel awful. And this from a boy! Cakes have been delivered, food offered to be made and childcare offers are flooding in. I have heard from friends who had almost lost touch but for Facebook, from friends around the globe, and from cousins who I only see at weddings and funerals. I am truly feeling the love and thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

Another nice thing is that I seem to be building my Cancer Club already. Sorry if that sounds flippant. When Mum had cancer she found a number of people she knew were also being treated and her conversations with them gave her strength. We called that circle of people her Cancer Club. Now I have one too. Girls from all over who have young families and breast cancer who are only too happy to share their stories and give each other support. There are girls in online fora, a Facebook group, friends of friends and random strangers. Mutual support is key to beating Genghis and, boy, am I going to kick his ass with the amount I’m finding!


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