1 down, 7 to go

I had my first chemo earlier today. Here are some random thoughts on the whole thing:

– My wee is red. Bit like a period. What if I have both at the same time?!
– So far I feel like I have a hangover but not a monster one. It’s tolerable. I’ve definitely had worse.
– My chemo nurse is like a little angel. Very kind and sweet and lovely. Very sensible.
– I have a big plastic box to keep all my pills in. Makes me feel more like an ill person than most of the other shit I’ve faced so far.
– Thank The Lord for private medicine. Got given shed loads of anti sickness drugs. Apparently they aren’t all given routinely on the NHS.
– Frankly it’s all a bit bollox but I will get through it.
– I feel it’s important to tell everyone how I am feeling. If I had a friend going through this I I would be really curious but wouldn’t want to ask. By being open I’m saving them from asking.


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