An even keel

Chemo plus 9 days and I’m back on an even keel. It took time. Longer than I thought. The nausea lasted no more than 18 hours. I sweated, peed and pooed it out fairly quickly. Then there were about 24 hours of feeling wrong but not ill. Then a couple of days of recovery. Then it was chemo brain. A weird, floaty, dizzyish feeling that I couldn’t quite shake. It was a bit like being drunk without the drink. It made me anxious and a little bit depressed. What if this was it? What if it was going to stay this way until chemo is over? Or longer? But slowly, slowly, slowly it cleared. And yesterday it had gone. And today was a bit more normal still. Thank goodness. Thank goodness.

And now I have 5 more days until I do it again.


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