Yes it’s amazing. I feel almost normal. No spinning rooms. No nausea. No floaty floaty. Really, it’s amazing. Hard to believe I had my chemo only yesterday. Was it the extra anti sickness drug? The extra jug of water? The baked potato for lunch? The mid-morning biscuit? The slower release of the second drug? The combination? The fact I’ve done it before? Who knows? Who cares? So far, so great.

I’m still a bit tired. But it’s NOTHING. This I can do. Amazing.

My hair (rather, stubble) is also holding on so far. I have a couple of very small thin patches and a patch that occasionally feels like it’s going to drop. But otherwise it’s growing! It won’t stay, of course. But it’s quite amusing that it has so far.

Final though for today. It feels like it’s almost time to go public with the blog. Almost.


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