Musings from the Big White Chair

Some random thoughts as I sit in the Big White Chair waiting for the poison:

– This is all a bit shit.
– Generally I’ve been feeling upbeat but for some reason today the crap is getting me down.
– That said, I know I will bounce back. I hope it’s sooner rather than later.
– Fizzy water is my new top thing. It gets me through chemo. It gets me through the vile mouth stage post chemo. And at all other times it still feels more exciting than still water. I need to get out more!
– My chemo is administered in a windowless room/pod. It makes me miss the outside. Being outside is good if you’re ill. Fresh air has magical properties.
– I need to think about nice things to cheer me up. Here are some nice things:
* My family
* The smell of the sea and a summer breeze
* Pink champagne
* My girlie friends
* A good giggle
* Winning a new piece of work
* Sleeping solidly the whole night through
* Salmon and avocado sushi rolls
* The shoe shops in Madrid
* The moment you walk into a hotel room and see just how nice it is
And so on. Now I’m smiling.


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