Another year….

Happy birthday to me! 38 years ago today I emerged into the world. 10 years ago today I was preparing for my wedding just a few days away. 1 year ago today I was having a nice day off work. And today I am preparing for my 5th chemo session tomorrow.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m having a nice day off work. Nice gentle things planned. Lots of lovely presents. Lovely messages. I’m not unhappy. But I am feeling a teeny bit sorry for myself. Why? Because I can’t get away from being the patient. All the lovely messages telling me how strong I am and how this coming year should be a good and healthy one. Lots of lovely gifts to indulge me. Goodness I sound ungrateful! I don’t mean to. I really really really appreciate it all. But I’m just a bit sad. And I have the threat of chemo tomorrow hanging over me which doesn’t help.

But I am also proud. Proud of my friends and family and proud of myself. On the weekend I had a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Care in lieu of a birthday bash. My friends came and donated masses. Those who couldn’t come donated online. And then I took the leftover goodies to work and asked work people to donate – and they did. And then for good measure I posted the online donation link on Facebook and even more people donated – including one perfect stranger and one guy from college
who I’ve barely seen since since I left and who was hugely generous. All in all I’m now up to about £1400. Not bad for a night’s work. And I hardly did the work – it was mainly my fabulous Mum who catered and prepared the thing.

So good comes out of adversity and the support of friends and family is truly amazing. It all means I only have thing left to wish for when I blow out the candles on my cake – that this time next year Genghis feels like ancient history.


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