Such a lovely time

I’ve had a lovely lovely week. My wonderful husband surprised me several times on our anniversary. It felt like being on honeymoon all over again. There was lots of laughter and many tears of happiness. I was very emotional and I appreciated every second. No need to go into details of gifts and experiences but my hub was amazing throughout and so wonderfully thoughtful.

We returned from 24 hours on our own private cloud to the chaos of the kids and a family mini break in Suffolk. We all loved it. Sure, it was hard work with the children, as always – the challenges of having two extremely bright and independent kids. But we had amazing sunshine, good food and lots of fun. The kids really enjoyed the kids’ club and we really enjoyed the fact that they went every day – a first for us. They loved the kids’ cinema and the other kiddie-centric features of the hotel. We loved going to a hotel designed for families with young kids where we didn’t have to worry about them being noisy or boisterous as that’s the whole point. All in all it was really enjoyable and quite a relaxing time.

On the way back we took the kids go karting. They loved it. It was so amazing to see their little excited faces and the exhilaration once they finished – even if their kiddie karts only went at 5 mph!

Then it was back home, back to earth and back to chemo. Today was the 6th out of 8 so I am officially 3/4 of the way through. Hooray. I was fortunate enough today for my fabulous sister in law to be the person on duty. I love spending time with her just chatting and today was just that. Thank you darling.

So all in all, a lovely time. The week has given me such a boost to get through to the end of chemo. All being well it’s just a month left to go. Thank goodness!!!!


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