Top ten people

I know, I know. I’ve posted a lot about the people I love. But you can’t be too grateful. And it makes for a good Top Ten. Don’t hate me if you’re reading this and you’re not in it. That doesn’t mean I don’t love and appreciate you. I do. Very much. But these are my top ten people in my fight against Genghis:

1. My husband. He has been amazing in every single way. He has looked after me and the kids, cooked, organised, been there, been strong and held my hand throughout. He is the love of my life and I adore him.

2. My mum. My inspiration. She got through this. So will I. She gives me the strength to fight it.

3. My oldest and dearest friend, Hannah. She too got through this. She just gets it.

4. My beautiful and wonderful sister in law who is as close to me as a blood sister. She knows just how to help and never expects anything in return.

5. My BC twin, Jo. She sustains me with positivity and never allows me to dwell on bad thoughts. She has a fabulous sense of humour, which helps a lot.

6. All my other family members (bit of a cheat to lump them together, but it’s my prerogative!). Dad. My in laws. My brother and his girlfriend. All caring. All helpful. All on hand.

7. Our wonderful nanny Sara. I couldn’t have coped without her.

8. The doctors and nurses who have looked after me. Particularly Bernie the amazing BCN, Evelyn the chemo nurse and the lovely lovely night nurse at the Welly who let me sleep the night after my lumpectomy and didn’t wake me to do obs.

9. My team at work and particularly Pat who has never once complained about me not pulling my weight, but picked up my slack and got on with it.

10. There is no single person in this spot. All of my friends have been important to me. All of the messages of support and love have helped me. All of the offers of help have sustained me. Just by getting in touch you have made a gigantic difference to my well being.


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