I’ve just shared this blog. People are reading it. It feels a bit weird!


3 thoughts on “Weird

  1. Well done Rosie. I know I can’t say you are brave and inspirational so I will just say your blog made me cry at work…No mean feat. I can’t believe the thing you most value about yourself is your intellect. What about your humour, courage (oh no I’m not allowed to say that), selflessness (probably not that either), articulacy (reading other people’s blogs is usually like watching white paint dry or gives me the urge to get out a red pen). I could go on but won’t. I think it was probably me who mentioned the friend who had BC 10 years ago and recovered-I am so sorry. Anyway I am thinking about you, praying for you and happy you have earned your red carnation (a whole bunch I hope). Love Helga


  2. Rosie, thank you for your brutal honesty. You may not think you are brave and inspirational but you bloody are! Hope Gengis gets well and truly quashed.


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