Pink champagne

Pink champagne is one of the things I’d take to my island if I were ever on Desert Island Discs (the others are sushi, chips, duck pancakes, salt and vinegar crisps and melon, in case you are wondering – although the pedants amongst you will point out that I’m only allowed one luxury).

So it was only right and fitting that I celebrated the end of my chemo last night with a glass of the rosy bubbly stuff that I’d been saving since my birthday. Bearing in mind that Taxol makes me feel a bit drunk anyway, this was a risky move, but it had to be done. Having shipped the small boy to my parents for a sleepover, the mini celebration was with the small girl (start ’em young, I say) and the hub.

Natalie was delighted to be treated like a grown up and to be marking the end of my chemo. She hasn’t found it particularly easy and for her this is a major deal. But I have to admit to feeling flatter than I’d expected. I was quite emotional at the chemo unit when I got my bloods back and the go ahead for the final dose. Then I just moved on. I booked my onc appointment and my surgeon appointment – both in just three days’ time – while I was being infused (!) and now I’m already on the next stage mentally, planning for the Big Op. I thought it was just me, until my hub said last night – “I hope this doesn’t upset you! but I don’t understand why everyone is so happy you’ve finished chemo”. Two peas in a pod! He gets me.

I also have a slight concern that chemo won’t be done for good. Never say never. There is a very good chance it will, but for a very unlucky small group the chemo doesn’t work all that well first time around and they have to have more. Not trying to be an Eeyore, but I can’t rule out the possibility that it might be the same for me. It probably won’t – it wasn’t for mum – but I can’t rule it out completely.

But. But. I’m done for the moment at the very least so that is something to be happy about. And in the spirit of happiness and pink champagne, here are some photos of my last chemo day.

















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