Yesterday I had a post chemo appointment with my oncologist and then an appointment with my surgeon. I have so much respect for these guys.

David Miles is just amazing. He is calm, funny and hugely intelligent. He is direct and clear. He examined me thoroughly and said how pleased he was with how I have done. He answered all my silly questions and then sent me away for 3 months. He has treated me like an intelligent adult throughout, listening properly to my views and never once patronising me or giving me anything less than his full response. What a guy. I’m a huge fan.

Mr Al-Dubaisi apparently treats three quarters of NW London. He is gentle, thoughtful, considered, calm and straight. His expertise shines through. He is caring without being cloying. He also examined me thoroughly and said how pleased he was. We discussed next steps and he is happy to operate when and where I would like him to. He has no ego about these things. He gave me the details of the plastic surgeon who will do my immediate reconstruction and will also refer me for a psych assessment. I will then see him again in a few weeks to finalise the details for the Big Op. He is a total star and I couldn’t be in better hands.

The respect and trust I have for these two is boundless. I would have struggled to put my life in the hands of anyone who didn’t engage with me as an adult with a brain, but also a wife and mother with a heart. These two have always recognised that I am both. I am in awe of them. Thank you.


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