Big shout out to…

Here are the people in my thoughts and prayers today.

Penny Hampson. Please keep fighting, beautiful lady.

Jojo Gingerhead. Fingers crossed for you at the Marsden today.

Louise Nicholson. Let’s hold hands virtually, and weather the SEs together.

Sarah Perry. Because you rock, dude!

Andrea and Cinzia. Just because I love you.

Jo Fine. Always my BC twinnie.

My beautiful Tali. Keeping everything crossed for your interview later.

Mum and Dad. For demonstrating that I’m really the product of both of them, by sending me crappy jokes about soup. LOVE the combination!

My handsome Joey. For sleeping well last night (even if the bloody steroids kept me awake).

My amazing husband. For just being there.

All the YBCN ladies, fighting together.

All of the lovely friends and strangers who have sent me such beautiful wishes.


3 thoughts on “Big shout out to…

  1. Another uplifting read! Your strength, determination and honest words are moving. Amidst all the sadness and struggles, your blog has a wonderful way of putting a smile on my face. You are a legend. Thank YOU x


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