Wow! This blog has been shortlisted for an award!! It’s the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging award and it’s in the Inspire category. 

Now you know how I feel about the word “inspirational”. Nonetheless it’d be kind of great to win it. So if you like what I write, please vote here:

Here are some reasons I’d like to win:

1. To raise awareness of secondary breast cancer and thus promote investment in research. 

2. To encourage more young women to check their breasts. Breast cancer is NOT an old person’s disease. 

3. To help others in a similar position realise they aren’t alone. 

4. To highlight how precious life is. 

5. To give my kids something to make the proud of me and to help them realise that some good can come from this horrid situation. 

6. To allow me to thank more publicly those who are so important to me and those helping me on this fight. 

7. To give me extra fuel for my fight. 

So please, take the time to click through and vote. Thank you. 


9 thoughts on “Wowzers!

  1. I’ve voted for you!

    Nomination richly deserved.

    If you’d like me to pop up to keep you company at another chemo session, do let me know.

    After this weekend, am around for a good stretch now

    Lots of love




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