A family tribute to Rosie Choueka

On 16th June 2015 our beautiful mother, wife, daughter and sister was taken from us. After a year long battle against breast cancer she finally succumbed to this dreadful disease. On 18th June 2015, on behalf of the entire family her daughter, Natalie, brother Laurence and sister-in-law Deborah paid a moving tribute to her memory.

You can see a video of the tribute here https://youtu.be/cYPnkGlMl1Q


2 thoughts on “A family tribute to Rosie Choueka

  1. Such a wonderful video filled with boundless love for Rosie. I have incredible admiration especially for her daughter who managed to stand up and say her words at such a difficult time. I only knew of Rosie through the blog and YBCN but she always struck me as someone who just got on with life, whatever challenges were thrown at her and it’s sad to know that she died so young. Good luck and best wishes to your family for the difficult time ahead. xx


  2. I am truly inspired and humbled. Such an eloquent and heartfelt tribute. Natalie is an absolute credit to Rosie. I have the privilege of knowing Laurence and I am certain there could be no uncle better to support and guide you through life (and to have fun with, when the time comes). I send my love and very best wishes to you all. xxx


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