An insight to the thoughts of a seven year old

Last night my children stayed with Rosie’s parents, Mémé and Papa. That’s what we call them. It wasn’t an easy evening. Natalie and Joseph have had a very active week having spent five days at tennis camp. Joey was supposed to be attending for two hours each day but decided that he wanted to stay for the whole day! Natalie kicked up a fuss about going at all but enjoyed it in the end.

Anyway, Friday night at the end of a long week was obviously the time when they were going to create. And they did. Rosie and I have, for the last year or so as a special treat, allowed Natalie to stay up beyond her bedtime on a Friday night. It’s a lovely thing to do to share the shabbat meal with us and it shows she’s growing up. She also enjoys being treated differently to Joey once a week. But last night they were both shattered and as usually happens with Tali she threw an almighty strop and refused to go to sleep. After much cajoling she did eventually pass out.

I went home, leaving them at the Kalmans. On my return this morning I was greeted by two little angels and a poem that Talil had written. Here it is.


They are one small family with three big hearts.

They work in a team to keep their lives running,

Running as fast as they can.

They work so hard to keep each other alive.

They love each other dearly and hang on.



I’m now poetry expert but I really think she’s trying to say something here. Tali is most definitely communicating through the written word more than the spoken one. I take heart from the fact, and hope as time goes by she’ll be able to talk about Rosie and what she means to her.



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