Rosie’s incredible reach

Today I had the pride and privilege of attending a friend’s wedding. He and I have known each other for a long time, mainly because I’ve been great friends with one of his brothers for a large part of my life. In recent years Yoav and I have come to know each other very well, mainly through work. He is a ridiculously talented man with far-reaching skills. In recent weeks he has helped me to think about getting this blog published as a book – it being one of Rosie’s final wishes.

Anyway today was a happy day. I’ll admit that I was nervous about attending the wedding alone. I’ve never been particularly comfortable in big groups and Rosie was always my support. I felt her absence acutely today. But today I also felt her sitting right by my side. Inevitably she came up in conversation. I didn’t know who at the wedding knew about Rosie and who didn’t, but that didn’t matter. At times I felt tearful and sad but I drove on. Making small talk, doing what Rosie would have done. Being sociable and trying to mingle.

Now, Yoav and his beautiful wife, Wessen, didn’t know Rosie all that well but once again her touch seems to have made an impression; and yes she inspired. Quite amazingly they both refered to a passage in one of Rosie’s last blogs. This is the line they quoted: “People take happiness for granted but they shouldn’t, because it is so fragile, so fleeting, so easily defeated.  Happiness is like a delicate flower and needs to be nurtured.  Today I am going to water that flower.” Wow.

She really had a way with words; Rosie was very, very special and she seems to have touched so, so many people.



3 thoughts on “Rosie’s incredible reach

  1. I started following Rosie not long before she passed away. I felt really sad for you and the children but wondered at the same time how I would feel as a parent whose child was going to pass away before them and so felt terribly sorry for Rosie’s parents who must be around our ages and how they are coping with losing their little girl. I’m sorry to say that we are going to find out and I’m not coping at all well. We were told that our younger daughter, middle child, has a rare disease even in the realm if rare diseases and ut is called PVOD. She has been ill for a good part of her life with various things including Crohns and has akways coped. She is one of G-d’s good people. Caring, sharing, loving and just a joy. In between going tonthe hospital and trying to keep from crying in front of her I’ve been in pieces. I honestly can’t contemplate life without her. Patxxx


  2. It is a really very beautiful quote, I really believe it. Sometimes it seems so hard to be happy in this world, when we find it we should treasure and nurture it.
    All my best to you and your family x


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