The highs and the lows

Life really is a very odd thing. In many ways it’s really rather boring and predictable. There’s a regular beat, an almost monotonous rhythm to daily life. Getting up and out of the house, packing the children off to school, going to work and so on and so forth. Every family has it, I imagine almost every individual experiences it. For me it’s been a challenge to find an efficient and practical way to do these mundane things. I think I’m getting there. In an odd sort of way life really is rather hum drum. Like putting one foot in front of the other life is a series of steps to get you from one place to the next. At least that’s the way I view it right now.

As ridiculous as it sounds I now realise that without Rosie I don’t have someone to share that with. The sheer act of sharing the day-to-day things with your loved one never struck me as anything important. It now seems so very important. And when it comes to the big things, well the hole Rosie’s left behind is colossal.

Today is Joseph’s birthday. It’s a close call but I think he enjoys birthdays more than Rosie ever did. That’s saying something. If you know me or have read this blog you’ll appreciate that I’m not a natural when it comes to birthdays, least of all arranging parties. Once again, and I fear that this might be the last time, Rosie came to my rescue.

Now follows a statement of the bleeding obvious.

Rosie was super organised.

She was so organised that she’d already arranged Joey’s birthday. The time, the place, even the entertainment. She’d bought plates and going home presents and knew exactly how the party would play out. So when it came to actually running the party it was a whole lot easier than it otherwise would have been. For anything left over which Rosie couldn’t do, the food and drinks, the birthday cake and the multitude of other things that have to be done, well those were taken care of by the holy trinity: my wonderful sister, mother-in-law and nanny. They were a truly amazing trio who ensured the party went off with a bang. Thank you ladies.

This morning Joey awoke to see several presents lined up ready to be opened (these were on top of the 40-something presents he opened after his party yesterday!). He was ecstatic. He had a great deal of fun opening his presents from the family. And lastly a card which Rosie left for him. In the last week of her life she was determined to write a few of the children’s future birthday cards, she struggled but she managed. Joey was happy to see the card but otherwise nonplussed. I on the other hand was in tears as I was catapulted back five months. In an attempt to console me he put his arms around me and gave me a big hug. As Rosie used to say, “what a nosh pot”.

On a separate, but probably not entirely unconnected note, last night Natalie asked me if she could write a blog. She said she wants to say things on the blog that she can’t say out loud. I asked if she’d like to use Fighting Genghis. “Yes” was her immediate and enthusiastic response. I asked if she’d like to read mummy’s first blog. Her answer surprised me. She told me that she’d read the first entry with Rosie while we were on holiday in Israel. I wonder why Ro did that?  Did she know her end was fast approaching? Or am I reading too much into it? I’ll never know.

Anyway, watch this space and if you see a blog written by Tali please read it and pass it on. I have no doubt it will have the searing honesty and emotion with which Rosie wrote.



6 thoughts on “The highs and the lows

  1. Elliot I look forward to your blog entries because they are so open and honest. I am so happy that joey’s first birthday party without Rosie went off just as she would have done. You had one amazing organised wife. I shall look just as forward to reading Tali’s entries. You are doing an amazing job.
    Pat xxx

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  2. A special message for Tali…


    I’m really looking forward to your blog. Your mother wrote such wonderful things and I’m enthused to hear you are following her footsteps.

    You go girl!

    From a complete stranger who admired your mothers word

    Ghazala X

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  3. What an amazing woman Rosie was. I am looking forward to Tali’s first instalment and am sure her mummy would be thrilled and proud to know she is following in her creative footsteps. Elliot, the hum drum will be what keeps you going, your children are so fortunate to have a daddy who is as strong and resilient as you obviously must be. Lou X


  4. We never forget our loved ones, today is the anniversary of my Dad passing (10 years ago) but the most important thing is exactly what your blog portrays how life continues and they are part of that life – whether in memories or like your daughter following in her Mum’s footsteps. Agree with what Louise says it is the hum drum that keeps you going, I know my boys kept me going and smiling in the weeks after I lost my Dad. xx


  5. I also enjoy reading your blogs Elliot. I only knew Rosie (I’m also a lawyer but incredibly unorganised!) online through YBCN but followed her blogs which were wonderfully honest, as are yours. Thank you for keeping this going and lots of love to you, Joey and Tali xx


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