Why why why?

This Chanukah was a bit lonely without mum, she would have remembered all the lines to all the songs. She lit the candles perfectly, she sang the songs really well (not, ha, ha, ha) and she did everything really really well! AND, don’t forget PRESENTS! They were fabulous, absolutely fabulous. I LOVED them I didn’t want Chanukah to end…….. but it did, boo hoo hoo.

My Dad tells me stories every night about my mum,  they are really fun ( and lovley). I understand it all but my 5 year old brother doesn’t, poor him. He misses her so much.I really don’t think that it is fair for anyone to get cancer buuuuuuuuuuuut ……….. it has to happen in the end.

You DO know that it is annoying being the only girl that lives in the house, right? Of course you do ( I hope) well anyway I hope you understand why. I am writing this blog.


4 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Hi Natalie. We haven’t met, but your Mummy and I did pregnancy yoga together. We weren’t very good because our tummies were so big, but we laughed a lot and your Mummy was very excited to meet you! Thank you for sharing your thoughts in this blog-you write very well (and I should know because I’m an English teacher!). I live in a house with 5 boys and they can be really annoying, so I know how you feel about that. Sara xxx


  2. Hi Natalie,
    What a lovely piece of writing you have captured the essence of your Mummy so well. I get you about being the only girl. I ave two boys and it is just me and them. Sometimes i just want to do something all pink and girly but I have to discuss minecaft or football ALL day.


  3. Hi Natalie, you don’t know me but we share the loss of our mums.
    I think you are a very brave girl expressing your feeling so well, I’m sure your mum would be very proud of you.
    The only advice I could give you is to always remember the happy times and as time goes by you start to except and live your life being happy.
    Look after your brother and make him laugh.
    Your doing a great job Natalie 😊


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