Where it all began

It’s 20th January today, in case you didn’t know. On this date 13 years ago Rosie and I met for the first time. We’d exchanged a few emails in the week or so before we met but the 20th is when it all began. When I recall that meeting it’s like it happened yesterday. The intensity of the memory is searing. I remember what I wore (I couldn’t tell you what I wore yesterday) I remember what Rosie was wearing. I remember the conversation and the bar we drank in; I even remember what we drank. I remember everything in such clear detail. Perhaps I knew, at the time, that that evening was going to be pivotal in my life.

My memories are so important to me. Natalie seems to know that because she asks me every single night to tell her stories about mummy. In an odd way I think it’s a way to seal those memories in place so that I never forget them.

So today, whatever 20th January means to you, have a great day and remember to make some fantastic memories with your loved ones.


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