A notice

It barely seems possible but already more than eight months have passed since my beautiful Rosie was taken from us. I’m sitting at home alone today writing this. My children are with their grandparents, up north, and the house seems earily quiet. It’s a most uncomfortable feeling and one that leaves me feeling quite empty.

Since Natalie arrived, just over eight years ago, Sundays have been fun and activity-filled. Before that they were an excuse to stay in bed and read the Sunday newspapers. What I would’ve done just nine months ago to have the opportunity to while away the hours on a Sunday afternoon with Rosie, but without the children! I wish I could be doing that now. Without any of them here it feels plain odd. I don’t like it.

The reason for today’s blog is simply to post a parish notice; one of the Jewish kind. It is the tradition in Judaism that after someone is buried, a period of time elapses before a gravestone is placed on the burial site. Depending on where you’re from this ceremony is called a Stone Setting or an Unveiling or myriad other names. It can take place at pretty much any time after the first 30 days following someone’s death, but before the first anniversary.

As a family we have chosen to hold Rosie’s Stone Setting on Sunday 29th May 2016 at 1.30pm at Bushey Jewish Cemetery. All are welcome.



2 thoughts on “A notice

  1. I’m sorry you are sad today, I really am. I so wish you could have a Sunday with Rosey like you used to. Rosey’s Stonesetting is going to be huge. I have seen lots of cars parked up and down Little Bushey Lane (I live in a steet off of Little Bushey Lane) and use it a lot to go to the M1 and Costco. I sincerely hope that the Stonesetting isn’t as traumatic as they can be. Love Pxxx


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